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Nightworld is pulp action, vintage horror, tragic romance and timeless snark at its finest!

The four issues of its first miniseries came out from August to November 2014, and its first collected edition hits comic shops March 18, 2015 and bookstores March 31!

Support your local book or comic-seller or get the digital editions of Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4 (or preorder the book) here.

Click here for Image Comics' announcement of Nightworld, here to read five pages of Issue 4, here to read four pages of Issue 3, here to read four pages of Issue 2, and here to read the first five pages of Issue 1!

We'll be adding news about Nightworld's next issues, and materializations of its creators in-person and on the web, in the black space below!

First, we track the emanations of scriptwriter Adam McGovern at two comic-store signings and two conventions coming up early this year:

Then, we channel scriptwriter Adam McGovern in communication with comics impresario Cliff Galbraith at the 13th Dimension site:

And artist/creator Paolo Leandri with Adam speaking to blogger The Frog Queen:

Adam, Paolo and color artist Dom Regan talk "trash" on Nightworld in this edition of Trash Mutant's "TMI":

Then hear Adam's voice from beyond discussing Nightworld on the Graphite and Ink podcast:

And next he enters the Wolf Den for this track back to the dark heart of Nightworld's creation (from about 5:55--43:00):

In our first seance of 2015, Adam pours his dark heart out about the Nightworld Vol. 1 book and finds a lost-soulmate in "Afterlife With Archie" on The Bleed podcast (full episode):