Deadlinks - Famous Last Words

What the pros and press are saying about us -- this is that strange, unsettling sound!

"A wonderful kinetic paean to the comics of your youth — funny and razor smart with Kirby lines like you wouldn't believe. McGovern and Leandri kill it."

- Junot Díaz, author, The Is How You Lose Her

"Adam McGovern and Paolo Leandri create a mythology peppered with their own private tarot, every panel bursting with energy and excitement. If you love non-traditional narrative (I do), this inscrutable tale loops in and spirals deep, letting your imagination fill in the blanks. NIGHTWORLD is slyly hilarious. Get this book 'and let the devil pay the late fees.'"

- Ann Nocenti, Catwoman and Katana

"I can't wait to get a regular dose of NIGHTWORLD! What I've seen so far is exactly what I'm hungry for... super cool crazy gnarly comic books!"

- Michael Allred, Madman, Atomics, Silver Surfer, FF

Comic-site of record CBR says of Nightworld's first issue, "There's a certain level of majesty in these pages, and Leandri nails every last one of them...There's a virtual spring in the step of the comic thanks to how McGovern writes it...I'm glad that Image picked this book up. It's fun looking and stands out in both story and art from those around it." —

Kimberly Gibson of Comic Bastards wails our praises: "Haunting…dreamlike…a breath of fresh hell fire.":

Nightworld's first review is a thoughtful rumination on our quaint and curious tome of comic lore:

One of our fav premonitions from before the comic came out:

Positive incantations from one of the writers we like most, when we were trying for Kickstarter luck around Halloween of the 13th year: