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Here's the team that makes the black magic happen -- read their stories and be welcome to visit their own sites!

Adam McGovernAdam McGovern is the writer of NIGHTWORLD, created by artist/collaborator Paolo Leandri. The team wrote and drew an "Alias, the Spider" yarn in Image Comics' NEXT ISSUE PROJECT #3 (aka CRACK COMICS #63), and created the cult-fav DR. ID, PSYCHOLOGIST OF THE SUPERNATURAL. Adam also writes comics regularly for the MAGIC BULLET newspaper from D.C. Conspiracy, and has worked with Coin-Op Studio and AdHouse Books. He adapted some 50 issues of nine comics series from Italy's GG Studio for the American market in 2010-12, including the all-ages A SKELETON STORY and the probably-should-be-no-ages ROUTE DES MAISONS ROUGES. He has written comic-styled stories for videogame companies, stage productions, and educational textbook publishers.

(Adam's blog is here, and two other comics by him can be read here and bought here.

Paolo LeandriPaolo Leandri lives in Citta' di Castello in the region of Umbria, "The Green Heart of Italy." A technical illustrator in an agricultural equipment factory, he hits his home drawing board ready for spaceships and the spirit world. His influences include the moody gloom of Gene Colan, the adrenalized gleam of Jack Kirby, the sinister theatrics of '60s Italian horror movies and the brittle glitz of '70s new-wave pop. The results include the intergalactic transvestites, extreme super-athletes and robot pugilists he created for magazines like Skate, Wrestling and Fumo di China in his native land in the 1990s — and in the counterpart comics capital of America in the 2000s and 2010s, the hologrammic swashbucklers, telepathic psychiatrists, time-spanning ghost stories, postmodern Westerns and hi-tech lo-life devils he's brought to life with Adam. Paolo designs, pencils, inks, colors, letters, paints, and makes his writers wonder why they never made something of themselves. On weekends he's available for exorcisms and interdimensional daytrips.

Dom ReganThe Tale of Dom Regan (Nightworld color artist): Born longer ago than I care to think about and always obsessed with words and pictures. Learned to read so I could read comics. Always reading, always drawing and eventually started doing my own comics... Worked for Trident and A1 in the UK and eventually fell into coloring with Omega Men for DC Comics (sadly never collected)... Did a few jobs with DC but eventually felt that I wanted to do my own thing and started creating my own stuff again. Currently working on People Protector Akay, a prehistoric science fantasy adventure comic strip. It's nearly finished...

Steve PriceAs a graphic designer, editorial cartoonist, freelance writer, and comic book author, Nightworld logo and package designer Steve Price is grateful to be able to make a living out of putting words and pictures together. His comics credits beyond the netherworld include Karmikaze: Princess of Payback, Jungle Tales of Tarzan (Sequential Pulp/Dark Horse Comics), the House of Twelve 2.0 and Mauled anthologies (both with some adult content, beware) and the upcoming Site Gag. Awards include the New Yorker Magazine's Eustace Tilley Competition (Finalist, 2009). He never fails to bring up that t-shirt he drew for the Ramones.